Our Executive Board

Abby Andrade—Co-president

I’m a senior psychology major with a spanish minor. I’m from Seymour, CT and am on the premed track. I joined KDSAP in my freshman year and love the program because of how it combines service and clinical work in such a meaningful way. We’re able to interact with and educate our community and each other, which is a powerful thing. I’ve learned so much in my two years in KDSAP about health disparities, chronic kidney disease, and the type of physician that I one day hope to become.

Haley Grayson—Co-president

Hi! I’m Haley and I’m a junior majoring in physiology and neurobiology with a minor in molecular and cell biology, and I’m on the premed track. I’m originally from Cheshire, CT and I am also on the UConn Club Swim Team. I joined KDSAP my freshman year because I wanted to learn more about kidney health and was intrigued by the service aspect of the club. KDSAP has taught me more than I ever could’ve imagined about kidneys and chronic kidney disease, while allowing me to serve and educate the surrounding communities. The work that KDSAP does is extremely impactful for underserved populations and I am excited to continue spreading kidney health awareness!

Sumeet Kadian—Secretary

Hey there! My name is Sumeet and I am a junior majoring in molecular and cell biology and pursuing an individualized major in healthcare and society. Additionally, I am in the Honors Program and on the premed track. I joined KDSAP in order to understand more about chronic kidney disease, an issue that affects millions of people. Moreover, I wanted to participate in clinical activities that would allow me to have a tangible impact on others' lives. KDSAP has not only taught me about chronic kidney disease but has also helped me become aware of health disparities affecting those in our own communities.

Joshua Yu—Treasurer

My name is Josh, and I am the treasurer! I’m a junior studying molecular and cell biology. I joined KDSAP freshman year and fell in love with its mission of service to the local community and raising awareness for kidney disease. Through this organization, I've developed valuable connections with other pre-health students, and I've learned so much about the value of health education and service.

Jacob Goldstein—Director of Programming

My name is Jacob Goldstein, and I am the Director of Programming! I am a sophomore majoring in molecular and cell biology and minoring in business fundamentals on the pre-med track. In addition, I am in the Honors Program and Special Program in Medicine. I joined KDSAP because I wanted to be able to have an impact on my community as well as learn more about chronic kidney disease. I am very passionate about helping medically underserved communities. Also, I feel like this organization has and will continue to help guide me as I figure out the type of physician I want to be in the future. As the Director of Programming, I hope to continue educating different communities and members of this organization on kidney health as well as help plan community outreach events. Besides academic related activities, I love to travel, cook, ski, and spend time in nature.

Mona Peyravi—Fundraising and Public Relations Chair

Hi all! My name is Mona and I am a junior, who is majoring in Allied Health Sciences at UConn. I joined KDSAP in my sophomore year with the intention of gaining a deeper comprehension on how kidneys can become an individual’s “silent killer.” As we continue to interact with our local communities, we create connection, meaning, and power. Due to this, I value advocating for chronic kidney diseases to raise awareness along with creating an impact in prevention. It is a great pleasure of mine to assist in representing this information! Having the opportunity to aid our communities in gaining more knowledge on the human body than they did yesterday is what I strive for.

Erik Choi—Community Outreach Chair

I am a junior double majoring in physiology & neurobiology and economics from Storrs, CT who serves as the Community Outreach Chair for UConn KDSAP. I am responsible for reaching out to community venues and organizations to arrange screenings and educational events. I was excited to join KDSAP because of my passion for community service and educating underserved populations about healthcare. Since joining, I have cherished the social fabric of the club’s general body and executive board and look forward to further spreading awareness for kidney disease!

Rohan Kantesaria—Co-awareness Chair

I am a junior majoring in pharmaceutical studies with a minor in economics. I am also in the Honors Program. I joined KDSAP to learn more about one of the most dangerous diseases in world that affects millions of people. KDSAP allows me to experience a combination of both clinical and service work which really intrigued me. Being one of the co-awareness chairs, I am able to really push our message out and help educate others on how dangerous chronic kidney disease really is.

Uma Mehta—Co-awareness Chair

I’m Uma, a junior majoring in Biological Sciences and minoring in Anthropology. Joining KDSAP has taught me a lot about how important community lead outreach efforts are. I originally joined because of the clinical lessons I could learn about and be involved in, but along the way I have developed many interests as well. For example, I’ve been involved in teaching elementary to middle schoolers about kidneys and why keeping them healthy is so important. In addition, I’ve taken training on cultural competency at our annual KDSAP retreat. It has been very rewarding to become involved in developing media presentations that emphasize our message of kidney disease presentation and education.