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Our Webinar Initiative

Health conditions, such as COVID-19 and chronic kidney disease, differentially impact racial demographics. Sometimes, these stem from genetic factors, but they predominantly arise from the social and medical practices that vary how we treat people of different races. During the accelerated breakout phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, our organization gathered to produce a webinar series designed to expose, inform, and promote purposeful change in the institutional domains that govern clinical race considerations. Our virtual presentations are primarily directed towards high school and early college students, with the hopes of diversifying the medical profession and bringing consciousness to these issues early in students' careers.

Below, you'll find a description of each of our webinars. Links to the presentations and their recordings can be found on the main "Webinars" page. We hope you find these informative and helpful!

Representation in Medicine

This two-part series discusses the need for greater representation of different demographics (i.e. race, gender, religion, sexuality) in medicine, and how diversifying healthcare personnel can alleviate strains in health outcomes for specific populations of people.

Part I examines specific health disparities and outcomes based on race. We analyzed research about several prominent conditions, including diabetes, COVID-19, and kidney disease, and relayed the drastic differences in patient perceptions of their healthcare systems when they believe their racial backgrounds are better represented by their healthcare providers.

Part II brings in female physicians across several specialties to talk about their journies and experiences as medical professionals. The eclectic upbringings of these physicians and their unique perspectives on medical practice highlight the impact of gender and race on the basis from which they deliver their service.

Steps to the Pre-Health College Career

There are many things to plan for when pursuing your pre-health education. In this webinar, we highlight many of these, and discuss strategies and resources to optimize your experience.

Funding Your College Education

College is expensive, and there are many considerations to take into account, especially when considering the cost of post-baccalaureate education as well. We detail a number of ways to help fund your education and enable your career.

Stories From Current Pre-Health Students

Many careers exist in healthcare, and each one has unique requirements. UConn pre-health students pursuing different healthcare professions relay the activities and strategies they've used to find success as pre-dental, pre-med, pre-pharm, pre-PA, and nursing students.

Other Careers in Healthcare

Healthcare fields have many subfields that each occupy their own professional niche. This webinar will help you understand all of the available options to you as you explore your career interests.

Life in Medical School

A lot of time and educational experiences separate the end of college and the beginning of a professional health career. Our webinar features firsthand accounts of medical school experiences from students at various stages of their journey.